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What tax policy do bipartisan experts agree would boost American economic growth?

Making Full Expensing Permanent
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To fully incentivize American companies so they continue to make private investments, update infrastructure and purchase new equipment.
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Congress can make “full expensing” permanent, which will promote investment, spark economic and job growth, and strengthen the American international competitiveness.
What is Full Expensing?

A commonsense tax policy with a history of bipartisan support that allows businesses of all sizes to deduct the full value of expenditures they make investing in new equipment or infrastructure - and one that Congress can make permanent. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects full expensing's scheduled expiration would slow economic growth.

Full Expensing Delivers on 3 Promises
Driving American Competitiveness
Capital expenditures encourage investment in technology and infrastructure that strengthen our nation's ability to compete in the global market.
Promote Economic Growth and Job Creation
Capital expenditures create jobs, raise wages and have a beneficial ripple effect across our communities and to the overall U.S. economy.
Protect the American Economy
Some form of this bipartisan policy has provided much needed certainty to American businesses operating during turbulent economic times over the last two decades.
Why make full expensing permanent
Wharton School of Business assessment
“Manufacturing plants that used [full expensing] increased investment flows by 15.8% relative to those that did not do so.” Additionally, plants that used full expensing policies “had a relative employment increase of 9.5%.” between 2001 and 2011.
2021 Georgetown University study
With full expensing in place, states "saw, on average, 21.5 percent higher levels of capital expenditure and five percent higher compensation for workers in their manufacturing sectors." The study concluded full expensing "provides significant and immediate economic benefits that justify making it a permanent tax policy."
Congressional Budget Office Economic Outlook
The Congressional Budget Office predicts the scheduled expiration of full expensing will slow economic growth.
Facts and Figures
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Full Expensing has short run benefits
Cumulative increases in the level of fee employment over the first 5 years of enactment
Source: Tax Foundation, General Equilibruim Model, November 2019
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Full expensing in action
Resources + Background
Bipartisan Support for Full Expensing over the Years
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A coalition to promote growth in america

Companies large and small are investing in the U.S. through new infrastructure projects and building innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems. These investments in the American economy are made possible by policies like full expensing.

Extending the policy would benefit the U.S. economy and businesses investing in American communities.

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